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Business today has evolved to global mobility. Enterprise mobility liberates an employee from a fixed work station enabling them to communicate in more ways from more places.

The integration of unified communications and advances in wireless technology has created opportunities for companies to incorporate mobility into their organizations resulting in increased productivity.

Symmetry Networks defines mobile unified communications as the unification of fixed-mobile convergence, wireless integrated communications and communications-enabled business processes.

To be productive while working outside the office environment, workers need access to corporate communication tools and business applications. Symmetry Networks has solutions that improve the productivity and morale of a mobile workforce whilst ensuring security.


Improve customer service

Single-number access keeps employees available to customers and colleagues. Single-identity features deliver an employee’s business identity with all outbound communications. This feature provides consistency in customer experiences, protects business contacts, and preserves individual privacy.

Improve efficiency

Employees have one place to manage multiple tools, including voice, video, messaging, conferencing, presence, instant messaging, directories and email.

Keep workers productive anywhere

Mobile, web, and voice applications extend a full range of capabilities to employees virtually anywhere, keeping them connected and productive. Avaya one-X® Clients are supported on Apple Mac and Microsoft-based computers and are compatible with a broad set of mobile platforms.

Lower ownership costs

Avaya softphone clients support both SIP and H.323 communication protocols so you can standardize on a single client for your entire workforce. A scalable client server reduces footprint, cuts costs, and simplifies deployment.

Reduce the need for training

Avaya one-X® Products deliver a consistent, easy-to-use interface across multiple platforms so employees can stay productive without costly training sessions.



Avaya one-X® Unified Communications Clients deliver a software-based user experience for consistent, enterprise-wide mobility and collaboration. Users can work from anywhere, using virtually any device―including desktop and laptop computers, Android smartphones, Apple iPhones, Blackberrys, and Windows devices. Connect to the right person, at the right time, in the right mode. This anywhere-anytime access to communication and collaboration tools can help enterprises lower expenses, increase productivity, enhance business continuity, and streamline customer support.

The comprehensive and flexible Avaya portfolio includes Avaya one-X® Communicator for Apple and Microsoft-based computers, Avaya one-X® Mobile for smartphones and tablets, and Avaya one-X® Portal for web browsers.

Avaya one-X® Communicator

Avaya one-X® Communicator gives users always-available access to real-time enterprise communication capabilities. This desktop software client helps users better manage communications, enabling productivity and collaboration, anywhere they are working. It is ideal for users who communicate frequently, manage multiple calls, and set up ad-hoc conferencing.

Avaya one-X® Mobile

Avaya one-X Mobile helps enterprises improve business collaboration and customer service with a choice of software clients for a range of popular mobile device platforms. This software gives mobile users access to a rich set of enterprise applications like visual voicemail, corporate directory, aggregated presence, VIP lists, and call logs.

Avaya one-X® Portal

This Web-based client provides a simple, consistent interface to critical applications, giving users control of telephony, conferencing, messaging, presence, and more. It complements the office deskphone and supports mobile and remote workers from any location. Avaya one-X Portal is implemented and managed centrally, eliminating the need to install software on end-user devices. Since one-X Portal can be used from any Internet connection, it can play an important role in business continuity planning. It is also available as part of the Avaya IP Office solution for small business.

Avaya one-X® Speech

Designed to recognize and carry out spoken commands, Avaya one-X Speech lets your mobile, remote, and office workers access critical communications tools and information over any telephone, 24 hours a day. It provides voice-activated access from any phone to email, voicemail, calendar, personal and enterprise directories, calling, and conferencing. Users can set personal contact rules, allowing them to work even more efficiently.

Avaya one-X® Deskphone

This line of desktop telephones offers a wide range of models for casual users, administrators, professionals—for anyone who needs dependable, always-on equipment and productivity enhancing features. The phones are available with high-fidelity audio and intuitive user interfaces including voice recognition-based dialing. The phones are highly modular with add-ons that let you grow your communications system at your own pace.

2050 IP Softphone

The 2050 IP Softphone transforms Windows PCs into full-featured platforms, offering real-time, feature-rich voice communications and support for data communications. It can be used as a primary phone or as a supplement to the deskphone, at the office, at home, or on the road. To start communicating, users load the software and plug an Avaya-approved headset or handset into the USB audio adapter port.

3100 Mobile Communicator

Available as a standalone client or as a web interface, this fixed mobile convergence solution extends enterprise-based communications services to mobile professionals anytime, anywhere. The 3100 Mobile Communicator reduces mobile connection costs and provides a consistent set of features from any location. It supports a range of popular smartphones, both cellular and WiFi. The WebUI can be accessed from any browser-equipped mobile device.

Avaya one-X® Attendant

This PC-based software application integrates telephony with external call data and workforce information. The application is easily expandable to meet evolving communication requirements. As the operator console for Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager, Avaya one-X Attendant gives operators presence information and communication options for any call connection request.


Integral to Unified Communications solutions, headsets provide comfort, clarity, and mobility across all communication channels. Learn about the many leading vendors that have tested headsets and accessories for Avaya products through the Avaya DevConnect program.