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Video Conferencing

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Why should your organization consider Video Conferencing?

Today we operate in a world where distance and time are meaningless. We communicate every day – and, immediately. Symmetry Networks seeks to promote this inter-global understanding through the creation, presentation and support of a visual solution created with the understanding that it empowers communities, builds connections between generations, challenges perspectives and creates an environment for critical thinking, necessary to build a more effective society.

The implications of video for business are clear: customers, employees and business partners accept video as a valuable form of communication. Real-time video collaboration can increase team effectiveness, reduce decision cycles, enhance relationship building, and of course, diminish travel costs while limiting your organization's carbon footprint. Two-way video communication encompasses individual and group video conferencing, as well as telepresence and provides interaction among individuals and groups. By expanding the typical audio and web conferences with video, participants feel much more engaged in the communication activities.


Symmetry Networks believes that there is a visual solution for everybody, from a fully integrated, state-of-the-art experience to less expensive and complex, but still workable, solutions

      • Telepresence with high-definition audio, multiple reactive cameras and ambient lighting for meetings held in disparate location
      • High-definition videoconferencing for a group of participant
      • A personal video screen for interactive, one-on-one sessions
      • Video on mobile/laptop for mobile workforces