Symmetry Support

Symmetry provides a flexible portfolio of advanced diagnostic, resolution and maintenance services to provide you with optimum system uptime, profitability and competitive advantage. We have a long standing and proven support record, as a prime provider or working in partnership with other service provider organizations.

Expert Knowledge

Our team has certified specialist Avaya and Extreme engineering skills within Symmetry’s support organization. You will always have requisite technical knowledge at your beck and call because our support engineers have achieved and maintain certification in their respective areas of expertise. In addition, Symmetry’s support team is backed up by escalation channels to our equipment manufacturers, who provide in-depth diagnosis.


Minimize Business Disruption

Our support services accelerate service restoration and minimize downtime, greatly reducing the impact on your business.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

You can reduce the overall costs of supporting your infrastructure and applications by leveraging our economies of scale, skills, and tools and know how.

Focus IT Resources

Focus your valuable IT staff on core business activities, and reduce training costs by using our expertise.

Get It Working For You

Symmetry offers a wide range and growing portfolio of support services, plus, we can tailor and package each according to your unique needs.

Our support portfolio includes:

Network Operations Centre (NOC) Service Desk

Symmetry’s NOC Service Desk is your first point of call for queries and issues. The NOC Service Desk provides you with a seamless support experience and gets to the bottom of the issues quickly and efficiently using multi-media contact methods, case management, remote diagnostic and monitoring tools.

Remote Monitoring

Symmetry Expert  is a remote monitoring service that checks the health of your systems day and night. With Symmetry Expert on the job, you can focus on your core business knowing that our engineering experts will be ready to respond at a moment’s notice if your critical systems miss a heartbeat.

Customized Service Levels

As requested we tailor coverage hours, response, and restoration times to fit your business, because we recognize that every business is different. Our NOC service desk and engineers are available 24x7, ensuring there’s support when you need it.

Hardware and Software Support

You need specialist skills to quickly get to the heart of problems to maximize availability and productivity in this increasingly complex world of communications. Our hardware and software support service delivers professional remote and on-site diagnosis and restoration backed by certified engineering expertise.

Hardware Replacement

At Symmetry we maintain a comprehensive pool of hardware spares for our customers and we have the network to expediently deliver these to your site. By leveraging our economies of scale you reduce your total cost of ownership, because we can spread the cost of spares across multiple customers. Our hardware replacement service ensures that if you have a vital hardware failure, we’ll have a replacement spare on site to keep the heart of your system running.

Software Upgrades

Symmetry’s Software Support Upgrade service provides you future access to major upgrades released by the manufacture – this service protects your investment, avoids unplanned costs and allows you to take advantage of the latest business functionality when you need it.

Preventive Care

Symmetry’s preventive care program minimizes the risk of downtime by performing regular checks of your system and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Off-Site Configuration Backups

If your system configuration becomes corrupted or lost it will have a significant impact to your business. Symmetry’s Configuration Backup service maintains a copy of your system’s configuration off-site at our premises, so if a problem arises we can quickly restore your service.

Service Level Management Reporting

Service level reporting provides you with an objective way of measuring the level of service being delivered to your end users and can complement in-house reporting to your stakeholders. Symmetry’s Service Level Management Reporting provides you with a view of trend analysis and how we’re performing against key service level performance indicators.