• Summary

For retailers around the world, customer service is the driving factor in sales, operations and customer loyalty. That's why retailers turn to Symmetry Networks solutions to:

      • Improve productivity
      • Enhance customer service
      • Increase customer satisfaction
      • Drive sales

As with many customer service-oriented industries, those companies that do the best job satisfying customers are often the most successful. But managing multiple store locations, handling customer needs, and coordinating a highly dynamic workforce are not easy tasks. Communications—both in-store and between stores—play a major role in determining the operational efficiencies and customer service levels that these companies expect.

Symmetry solutions are designed using industry leading technology to seamlessly integrate  voice communications, video conferencing, wireless telephony, and the services to implement and support business and can help turn the challenges facing retailers today into key differentiators.

Transforming the delivery of Retail Services

Our integrated approach to communications is transforming the delivery of retail services, ensuring our clients improve business efficiencies and deliver customer satisfaction. With powerful solutions that combine voice, video and data over IP we are improving customer responsiveness, providing greater efficiency across the business and dramatically reducing communication costs for our retail clients.

In a retail marketplace where consumers are constantly seeking the best deals and competition is fierce, we help cut costs and serve customers more effectively. We help our clients to reduce risk, increase operating margins and ultimately drive profitability.

Key Benefits

      • Reduced communication and management costs
      • Improved information exchange & staff productivity through conferencing and collaboration tools
      • Increased customer loyalty and revenue through improved marketing messaging and responsiveness
      • Increased customer contact with scalable, flexible multi-channel operations through innovative contact center solutions and hosting of online operations that can be set up with agents and associates at any location
      • Improved data security, accessibility and availability through data center relocation or the provision of hosting services Symmetry Networks has an in-depth understanding of the retail sector. We work closely with our retail client to tailor solutions that exactly meet their requirements and often exceed their expectations.

Through the creative use of technology we are finding ways to do more with less and transform your business. Whether we’re looking to help you engage closer with your customer; reduce your store network connectivity costs by 30%; extend the value of average basket by 10%; capture customer data profiles more effectively or make it easier for your customers to engage and contact you, then Symmetry has the to help.