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Hospitality and Gaming Solutions

For organizations in the hospitality and gaming industry, creating a safe and friendly environment with superior services is the key to maintaining customer loyalty. High-quality services based on leading technologies can help enhance guest experience, allow for new revenue opportunities, and assist in gaining a competitive edge. Faced with limited resources, IT professionals in this industry are greatly challenged in helping their organization meet these business goals and the need for feature-rich, affordable, and lasting solutions that allow them to do more with a lot less becomes paramount. Solutions designed by us at Symmetry Networks, using only the highest quality solutions from our leading manufacturers can help meet these tough challenges.

Key Benefits

      • Build a solid business infrastructure foundation that provides continuous support of all critical business applications and services through a comprehensive approach to high availability
      • Create potential revenue opportunities and brand differentiation by providing compelling guest services with powerful Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities and reliable mobility solutions that extend services reach
      • Help reduce costs with simple-to-operate and energy-efficient solutions that are designed to last
      • Increase staff productivity and improve operational efficiencies with tools and resources that automate common IT tasks, reduce maintenance overhead, and help meet project deadlines
      • Help secure regulatory compliance and PCI requirements with products and services that provide confidentiality of sensitive guest information


Recently, the Hospitality industry has faced many challenges, including a global recession, a credit crisis, natural disasters, pandemics, and terrorist attacks. But now, for the first time in more than a year, STR reports show an increase in occupancy and revPAR. However, average daily rates continue to slide slightly as hoteliers struggle to keep rate structures intact. But with positive signs bubbling, Avaya feels confident global room supply will continue to grow. Occupancy always recovers much faster than room rates, and soon average daily rates will catch up.

As you look for ways to save, but also grow, Avaya hospitality communications solutions can help you use communications to enable your business strategies:

      • Get customer attention, starting at first contact, by improving call routing to the best resources.
      • Differentiate your guest experience by offering advanced, yet easy communications options
      • Avaya offers a portfolio designed for Five Diamond hotels, limited service hotels, and all others.


Build a Solid Business Infrastructure Foundation Designed to Last

By choosing Extreme Networks, you can build a strong and versatile network foundation that can meet your ever-changing business needs without requiring major re-investments or modifications to the infrastructure. Our solutions are feature-rich yet simple to manage and operate, and our proven, energy-efficient solutions help you lower your ongoing costs. And, whether you are expanding your property with more guest rooms, conference facilities or gaming centers, our high-performance core solutions offer excellent services’ scalability.

Maintain Brand Differentiation with Superior Guest Services

With Extreme Networks flexible high-performance solutions, you can create potential revenue opportunities and brand differentiation by offering reliable, high-quality guest services. For corporate travelers, our solutions provide advanced traffic management to support a diverse set of even the most demanding business services such as video-conferencing or other multi-media applications without impacting performance. For other guests, you can offer high-quality HDTV, Video-on-Demand (VOD), high-speed internet access or other compelling service packages tailored to their needs.

Our secure wireless solutions also support a wide variety of applications and device types, and integrate tightly with the wired network so you can extend services reach to guests at anytime and anywhere on your property.

Safeguard Guest Information and Business Data

Extreme Networks delivers a strong compliance foundation with user authentication, device validation, traffic integrity, and network design options and advice. You can enjoy the basic protection services that are integrated on every switching solution—even on solutions that are priced for the value-conscious customer, with options to grow into more sophisticated security approaches as your needs evolve.

Extreme Networks professional services organization can provide you with expert services when you need them including network design services that help you ensure PCI compliance so you can run your business with confidence.