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Prescription for Network Performance

Healthcare organizations today face tough business transformation and regulatory challenges. Technology helps enhance patient safety, improve operational efficiency and meet stringent government regulatory standards. Healthcare IT professionals need lasting, feature-rich, and affordable infrastructure solutions to support growing application complexity, manage with limited resources and satisfy a large and diverse user community. Symmetry Networks helps meet these tough challenges with networking solutions that deliver the best balance of costs and capabilities.

The Health Sector is an especially important market for Symmetry Networks, and we deliver not only innovative and effective communications' solutions but provide maintenance and support to physician offices, dentists, surgical centers, clinics, and hospitals. We offer award winning solutions from the following industries top-leading manufacturers tailored to address these unique challenges.



Focused on the entire lifecycle of patient care, Avaya Healthcare Solutions improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and increase patient satisfaction by removing barriers that hold up hospital clinical processes. Avaya solutions help over 5500 healthcare organizations combine communications, collaboration, mobility, and workflow automation to simplify and automate patient care processes from prevention to treatment to post discharge follow up and home care. This results in an improved patient experience and reduced costs.

In addition to solutions to enhance patient care, Avaya offers innovative administration, operations, and marketing solutions designed to make healthcare organizations more responsive and efficient. The solutions help improve profitability while achieving or maintaining regulatory compliance.

Avaya offers solutions for the following Patient Care Cycles:

      • Prevention
      • Pre-Admission
      • Treatment/Care
      • Discharge Transition of Care
      • Post Discharge Follow-up/Home Care

Avaya Healthcare Solutions



Extreme Networks provides excellent solutions for small community hospitals and medium to large Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs).

Promoting Patient Safety with Infrastructure Availability

Our solutions help maximize clinical productivity through continuous access to real-time applications such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Computerized Patient Order Entry (CPOE), and Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS).

Our innovative approach to high availability starts with the ExtremeXOS® operating system—a modern, extensible modular software platform that protects against network and equipment failures, reduces downtime caused by security breaches, and delivers unprecedented insight into infrastructure performance and operations. With the Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching protocol (EAPS), critical applications can continue to function even through a variety of equipment or network-related failures.

Securing Patient Information to Meet Dynamic Regulatory and Demanding Regulatory Requirements

Extreme Networks delivers a strong compliance foundation with user authentication, device validation, traffic integrity, and network design options and advice. You can enjoy the basic protection services that are integrated on every switching solution—even on solutions that are priced for the value-conscious customer, with options to grow into more sophisticated security approaches as your needs evolve.

Extreme Networks solutions help you:

      • Ensure patient safety by providing doctors, clinicians, and nurses continuous access to clinical data and applications through a comprehensive approach to high availability
      • Meet regulatory compliance and HIPAA requirements with products and services that provide confidentiality of sensitive information
      • Support mission-critical applications with powerful Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities and hosted analytics services that optimize network performance
      • Promote greater productivity and collaboration among caregivers with secure mobility solutions that provide remote access to core systems and applications from any location.
      • Lower costs and increase operational efficiencies with pre-tested VoIP solutions and automation technologies that simplify network changes and reduce energy consumption