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  • Avaya

Integrate unified communications, ensure business continuity, enhance mobility, and improve efficiency and productivity to deliver real-time collaborative communications experience.

Managing and providing quality judicial and public safety services to citizens are just a few of the key responsibilities of governments. At Symmetry, we work with government agencies to solve a variety of critical and day-to-day issues in countries around the globe. Symmetry total solutions help government agencies to:

      • Ensure business continuity
      • Integrate unified communications (UC) across the entire agency
      • Enhance mobility
      • Improve efficiency and productivity

Working with industry leading providers of voice, video, Web, and data communications solutions to government agencies, the collaboration solutions we design and implement based can be tightly integrated with other UC industry-leading solutions that agencies may already use. From administration and training to public safety, the technology we offer is used every day by departments and agencies in governments to meet with teammates, partners, and citizens to exchange information and make better-informed decisions faster.


Budgets are down, demand for services is up, there’s constant pressure to reduce operational costs, and improving employee productivity is imperative. In this rocky, challenging environment, governments are looking for transformative and cost-effective solutions that deliver on promise.

Avaya is a global leader in enterprise communications. They provide unified communications, contact centers, data networking, and services to businesses and governments around the world. Their solutions integrate via open industry standards with technologies in multi-vendor environments, so organizations can expand on communications functions and potential starting with their existing networks.

Avaya applications, software, and services help state and local governments simplify complex communications, improve efficiencies, foster better employee collaboration, and achieve higher levels of citizen satisfaction and public safety. By embedding communications into government operations processes, Avaya helps improve the way organizations work.



This suite of products is designed to help governments and businesses provide equal access to communications for people with special needs. Many solutions are embedded within Avaya products or are available as free downloads from Avaya.

Branch Offices

Avaya enables governments with many sites to improve customer service and increase workforce productivity. Branch locations receive access to critical voice communications and applications. Simplified deployment and management drives down TCO.

Distributed IP Contact Center

Enable citizens to access government for services or information any time, place, or way of their choice―including social media. Avaya helps lower costs per transaction while increasing citizen satisfaction levels.


Avaya enables government workers to communicate seamlessly when away from the main office. Solutions provide privacy and security, and support workers on the move or working from a remote location.

Avaya Notification Solution

Communicate more effectively about critical events. When an event occurs, alerts are sent to predefined groups or individuals, who can respond rapidly with status and feedback.

Proactive Outreach

No shows and delinquent accounts have a negative impact on your bottom line. Avaya helps you improve efficiencies and performance by automating appointment reminders, account notifications, and self-service payment options.

Public Safety

Increase agility and improve public safety with Avaya Next Generation 9-1-1 and Enterprise E9-1-1 solutions. Improve situation awareness and response coordination with Avaya interoperability solutions.

Response and Recovery

This quickly deployable system provides communications for emergency response, disaster recovery, and command-center operations.

Self Service

Streamline and simplify the way government services are delivered to citizens with Avaya self-service and IVR solutions. Citizen satisfaction levels rise and your operational efficiency and productivity increases.

Contact Center Managed Services

Create a consolidated and affordable contact center without a major capital expenditure or extra burden on your staff. Avaya manages complex contact center technologies, delivering quick speed of answer and unwavering availability and reliability.

Unified Communications Managed Services

Better manage operations for Unified Communications environments, including network infrastructure and communications applications. Give your staff the mobile communications tools needed to collaborate and speed decision making.