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At Symmetry we do more than provide our financial services customers with technology, our approach is to understand your present and future business needs so that we have the insight to provide the correct solution to meet your requirements.

With ever growing competition within the financial services market, maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing customer attrition are key issues for all businesses, regardless of size. As financial institutions, customer relationships and delivery channels become increasingly more complex, there is increased pressure on financial organizations to make sure that transactions are completed successfully.

Symmetry works in partnership to develop converged solutions and implement contact center operations to enhance and deliver unrivalled customer service levels.

With strict governance, the complexities of the financial services sector may often not be fully understood by the suppliers you deal with. At Symmetry this is not the case. Our knowledge of the key issues you face and the legislative framework in which you operate, combined with our systematic yet commercial approach, helps major financial institutions to retain competitive advantage.



Now more than ever, financial services companies are challenged to build customer loyalty while significantly improving the cost effectiveness of operations. Companies need to offer differentiated products and services to manage the customer relationship profitably. Avaya has solutions and services to specifically address these challenges.

Using Avaya cost-effective and reliable communications infrastructure, a regional bank with 950 branches and six call centers saved $28 million over five years. With Avaya communications solutions and services, a U.S. $5 billion Credit Union was able to communicate better with customers, resulting in a $35.5 million reduction of delinquencies in eight months.

Avaya can show you the best practices to acquire, retain, and collect from customers to maximize your investments in servicing. We can show you how to use communications technologies and services to reach your business goals and empower your staff to be more productive—all while saving money.