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Transforming the way we learn. . . . .

Symmetry plays a key role in the education sector, helping to transform the way we learn, and enabling teachers to create a more effective and motivated teaching environment, thereby raising education standards. At Symmetry we are at the forefront of the support and delivery of data, voice and converged infrastructures in both further and higher education, along with a number of schools and other agencies within the sector. We have a detailed understanding and direct experience of the key issues affecting deployment within this sector.

As with other public services, more and more demand is being placed on education budgets, with pressure on government and education providers to invest in solutions that will enhance productivity and efficiency, driving down costs whilst providing improved education standards to students of all ages.


Even under shrinking budgets, educators are challenged to increase enrollment, student scores, staff effectiveness, and school safety. Primary and secondary schools are under intense pressure to improve academic performance and graduation rates, which requires district-wide collaboration, flexible and widespread communications, and seamless access to resources. Similarly, institutions of higher education need to attract and retain the best students and faculty.

IT is under pressure to meet the expectations of tech-savvy students while facing the daunting task of keeping the entire campus secure.Avaya uses communications technology to transform and improve the education environment. They streamline communications architecture, integrate a myriad of communications devices, and deliver unified communications and specialized applications that provide staff and students with both information and access. Avaya helps education institutions solve their business challenges with cost-lowering solutions and services.


Avaya provides intelligent and cost-effective education communications to help you design and deploy an immediate solution that leverages existing investments, processes, and resources. Focusing on continuing growth and achieving future goals, we show you how to develop your own self-funding communications roadmap.

Specifically, Avaya helps primary and secondary schools engage and motivate students, involve parents and communities, and allow teachers more time to focus on teaching instead of administrative tasks. And Avaya helps universities and colleges meet student and faculty expectations by delivering faster access, powerful collaboration, and streamlined processes.

Avaya web.alive™

Our digital teaching innovation includes an immersive learning application that allows students and teachers to meet and conduct teaching and learning in a 3-D collaborative and highly engaging environment.

Identity Engines

Avaya Identity Engines enhances security for school districts and higher education institutions by offering the central policy decision needed to enforce role-based network access control.


The Accessibility suite of products helps provide equal access to communications for people with special needs.


For highly mobile staff, success depends on their ability to communicate with colleagues and students—quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Avaya Notification Solution

The Avaya Notification Solution helps you communicate better about critical events. When an event occurs, alerts are sent to predefined groups or individuals, who can respond rapidly with status and feedback.

Office/Campus Roamers

Avaya delivers voice and data services over a wireless LAN, to PDAs and dedicated IP phones, keeping roaming staff continuously available, even as they move among building offices or across a campu's

Office Workers

Avaya gives office workers the tools they need to reach colleagues, administrators, students, families, and suppliers. From desktop phones and computers, staff can use voice, video, conferencing, and more over a secure, reliable infrastructure.

Avaya Aura™

Avaya Aura™ is the core communications platform supporting unified communications and contact center solutions for midsize to large enterprises. It extends Communication Manager and enables SIP-based session management with innovative capabilities.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Avaya video conferencing optimizes web conferencing, SIP softphone, and PC power to provide excellent desktop, conference room, and multi-point video.